Your Guide to Winning the New Talent Wars

How to circumvent The Great Resignation

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    More than 50% of employees are actively seeking new opportunities, and two thirds of millennials, the fastest growing segment of the workforce, expect to leave their current job by the end of the year. While executives are concerned about an intensifying war for talent, the innovative, industry-leading organizations won’t need to battle. Their HR leaders will listen to their workers and prospects, adapt, and circumvent The Great Resignation. The post-COVID “revolution in worker expectations” could even be an opportunity.

    Amid the global pandemic, HR leaders received a mandate: to circumvent The Great Resignation by retaining and attracting top talent. And while we’ve long known that people-first companies drive higher performance, now’s the time to start thinking like an employee so you can better serve your employees. 

    Maybe workers aren’t “resigning in mass willy-nilly,” but actually “reassessing” their lives and simply “making new choices” (Into & Overit, Overit, November 2021). If so, what are those choices? And how can you reassess what you offer your employees to more effectively retain and attract top talent? Find out in our Guide to Winning the Talent Wars.