Behind the Benefits: What Employees Want

In today’s business landscape a strong benefits package can help attract and retain top talent.
Does yours stand out among the competition?

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    In today’s employment landscape, companies are competing for top talent and in many cases, a strong benefits package can be the deciding factor for prospective employees.  Over the years, companies have offered a variety of in office perks to entice new hires to join their team. From an in office masseuse to on site sports and recreation rooms. But lately the focus has shifted towards work life balance, less focus on “stuff” and more focus on personal wellbeing.

    When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, a solid balance of perks and benefits that appeal to multiple generations is the way to go. But the question remains…

    “What do my employees want?”

    We decided to look into answering just that question. By reaching out to both employers and employees, our survey uncovered what benefits mean the most to different generations. We wanted to see where these two roads meet and what does the future of employment benefits look like through a modern business lens.

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