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MBL’s mission is to deliver customized benefits solutions for employers with service that excels for their employees. Our ability to build strong partnerships with the best and brightest services in the benefits, human resources and insurance industries allows us to support existing systems and offer cutting edge technologies to our clients. The following whitepapers reflect our passion for supporting our clients and contain over 20 years worth of experience.

Your Guide to Winning the New Talent Wars

Amid the global pandemic, HR leaders received a mandate: to circumvent The Great Resignation by retaining and attracting top talent. And while we’ve long known that people-first companies drive higher performance, now's the time to start thinking like an employee so you can better serve your employees. 

Get Your Guide to Being the Best HR Leader in 2021 and Beyond

A lot has changed in the talent field. The ever-younger workforce is prioritizing work flexibility and diversity and inclusion, and human resources professionals are tasked not only with recruitment and benefits but guiding staff through a global pandemic and facilitating employee engagement and strengthening culture. The era of personnel management and administrative tasks is over.

Beyond Diversity

Organizations that are intentional in hiring, retaining and developing diverse talent are 19% more innovative, earn 140% more revenue, have more than twice as much cash per employee, and are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors. In this exclusive eBook we provide the top tips and tricks for ensuring your business and your employees thrive in a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Redefining Remote Work

By 2028, one third of all full-time employees will be working remotely — and more than three quarters say they’d be “more loyal” to their employers if they offered flexible work options. In this exclusive eBook we’ll demonstrate why and how to take your company remote, and provide you with the top tips and tricks for ensuring your business thrives with happy, healthy employees working from home.

Benefits Evaluation Playbook

You understand your company and it’s needs, but with the vast benefits landscape that exists today, finding the right providers can take hours of research, outreach, and pitches from pushy salespeople.

Behind the Benefits: What Employees Want

In today’s employment landscape, companies are competing for top talent and in many cases, a strong benefits package can be the deciding factor for prospective employees. Over the years, companies have offered a variety of in office perks to entice new hires to join their team. From an in office masseuse to on site sports and recreation rooms. But lately the focus has shifted towards work life balance, less focus on “stuff” and more focus on personal wellbeing.

Selecting a Competitive Benefits Kit

Whether a small, medium, or large business, having tangible rewards beyond financial compensation, such as fantastic health coverage, additional perks such as on-demand care, wellness initiatives, financial planning tools and mentoring can greatly change an employee’s life and loyalty to an organization.

Creating a Supportive Workplace

As HR takes on larger roles in the health of an organization, is it essential to review culture and policies to develop a foundation for a supportive work environment where employees can flourish. Learn how you can make a change in creating a healthy work environment!

Diversity and Inclusion: Why It's Important and How to Develop a Strategy:

We take the time to answer the questions we hear most frequently: "But just what does it mean to have diversity and inclusion in the workplace? How do you devise a strategy to ensure they are naturally ingrained in the hiring process and office culture?" Develop a thorough strategy with a hands on approach that all employees will appreciate.

Strategies to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

While seeking out top talent is just one part of the process, actually having those individuals interview for roles at your company is another. Learn how to craft effective job descriptions, management of expectations, and much more!

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