Tracy Avin has close to 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry.  Her experience spans both established Fortune 500 companies as well as VC back tech start-ups.  She’s spent the past 15 years focused on personalized, on-demand healthcare, more recently concentrating on wellness strategies for the professional benefits space.

Additionally, she is the Founder of the Post’d People Group, a national networking group for human resource professionals founded with the goal of creating a professional network that educates and inspires its members.  In her other role as the VP Business Development at MBL Benefits Consulting she is responsible for building the company’s strategic partnerships and expanding and maintaining MBL’s health and wellness programs.  This enables the company to offer the most cutting-edge technologies for their clients.

Tracy credits herself as being a consummate resource for her HR network and clients.  She is a “true connector” and loves introducing people to one another as well as to relevant service and technology providers.

Tracy is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Management, where she serves as a mentor for current students, and currently resides in NYC with her husband and son.

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