MBL provides personalized consulting and brokerage expertise with the goal of developing lasting relationships with our clients. Our experienced consultants are able to guide our clients through plan designs and contribution strategies to arrive at cost-effective and appropriate healthcare that accommodates the needs of the employer and their employees. With over 2,000 clients located regionally, nationwide and internationally, we have facilitated strong carrier relationships across the country.

Our exemplary customer service allows us to customize plan selections for each client’s needs:

  • Group Benefits
  • Individual Family Benefits
  • Self-Funding Benefits
  • Exchanges

Our passion for service is what sets us apart.

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Group Benefits

There are many available options for both community rated groups (2-100 and larger 100+ full-time employees) and large groups (greater than 50 full-time employees). MBL’s Benefits Consultants are well positioned to assist with all available marketplace options. The wide range of health plans and options available include:

  • Fully-insured health plans
  • High-deductible/consumer-driven health plans
  • Self-funded options
  • HRAs and HSAs
  • Public and Private Exchanges
  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)


Private Exchange

International consulting firm Accenture predicted in 2013 that 18% of employers would be using private exchanges by 2018. Some estimates go much higher. Through its own private exchange and MBL’s access to other private exchanges, our clients have the option of employing a defined contribution approach to employee benefits. These vehicles typically reduce costs and expand employees’ plan choices.

Public Exchange

MBL is licensed and certified in all three tri-state area public exchanges. Our expert Benefits Consultants can assist with both individual and group enrollments.

Self-Funding Benefits

Self-funding enables an employer to take direct control of financing its health plan. Self-funding options are available for groups as small as 51. Employers with over 350 employees should seriously review self-funding their plan every year or two.

The key benefit of self-funding is that the group directly benefits from improvements in its claims experience. In addition, there is more flexibility in designing the plan because the group is not required to meet state-based health insurance mandates. (However, even self-funded plans must meet Federal mandates.)

There is additional effort required to set up many self-funded plans. Typically an employer with a completely self-funded plan will purchase stop-loss coverage. Often a third party administrator will be hired to handle claims management and other accounting functions. This is where MBL Benefits Consultants become indispensable to make the transition to self-funding a fluid experience for both employer and employees.

Individual Family Benefits

In light of the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there are now additional options available for individual and family coverage. MBL is licensed and certified in all three tri-state public exchanges and can assist individuals and families with enrollment both directly with the carriers and through the public exchanges.