Workplace Wellness: Mental Health Month

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Companies genuinely committed to creating the supportive cultures necessary for employees to thrive must prioritize two underemphasized efforts:  First, companies must adopt a proactive approach to mental health, ensuring that employees don’t have to reach out for support in order to receive it — most employees who need mental health support do not reach out for it. Second, companies must prioritize educating employees on how to emotionally support each other. While a supportive culture “starts at the top,” it must also be fostered from the ground up. 

Who wouldn’t prefer to work in a company where employees are checked in with (and confidentially supported) on a regular basis and educated and inspired to better support each other?  The answer is everyone you want to employ or have already employed — no one wouldn’t prefer to work, and work harder, in a supportive culture, and Happy can help you create one from within. 

Vendor Spotlight: Happy

Happy ( helps companies create supportive cultures through two unique offerings: 

1. Proactive, Peer-Based Mental Health Support with High Engagement Rates (25 – 30%)  

Happy operates one of the highest quality peer support networks in the country. Happy’s peers have backgrounds in healthcare and are specifically screened for their ability to provide emotional support, the essential ingredient of mental health, exceptionally well. 

Happy ensures that employees receive the maximum benefit from its peers (“Support Givers”) through a proactive model that prioritizes “confidential check-ins” that give employees the chance to open up about the struggles they’re experiencing without having to raise their hand. Through its quality peer network and proactive approach, Happy reports high engagement rates (25 – 30%), significant reductions in anxiety (49%) and meaningful improvements in mood (45%) after a single call. 

2. The Most Important Workshop an Employer Can Offer: Blueprint for a Supportive Culture

Happy’s complimentary series called “Blueprint for a Supportive Culture” is an interactive workshop that teaches, models and inspires employees to better emotionally support each other. “Blueprint for a Supportive Culture” illuminates the key components of emotional support, undivided attention, compassion and encouragement, and inspires employees to prioritize providing this support to their colleagues. 

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