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Over the years workplace wellness has become commonplace.  It used to be “forward thinking services for forward thinking companies” but now providing wellness strategies have become prevalent with most organizations.  

There are multiple goals for implementing wellness programs.  Some of these may include increasing engagement, improving overall healthcare of employees, driving improved behaviors, saving money and simply being a perk.  Before setting up a program its important to identify your goal(s) and align them with your implementation strategy to optimize program success.  

Equally as important is defining what wellness means for your organization and culture.  Historically it has been associated with healthcare but there are broader categories to include; such as financial and lifestyle wellness.

Below are some suggestions for wellness programs by category – health, finance and lifestyle:

  • Healthcare
    • On-demand care:  24/7 virtual care – primary, urgent, specialty and mental health
    • Rx:  savings and delivery services
    • Onsite screenings: vision, biometrics, dermatology
    • Employee and dependent support:  plan questions, claims mitigation and advocacy
    • Onsite events: health fairs, nutrition counseling, fitness, meditation and yoga
    • Wellness portals:  discounts to wellness services, contests and tracking
    • Healthy eating:  snacks, vending machines, demonstrations
  • Finance
    • Retirement planning:  401k plans, executive planning
    • Student loan education and repayment tools
    • College savings programs
    • Credit monitoring and protection services
    • Education – financial support, tax planning, understanding equity, simple savings strategies
  • Lifestyle
    • Legal consultation
    • Identity protection
    • Child and elder care support

As the wellness, well-being, industry grows so too does the number of services and tools available to businesses and their employees.  When implementing a program its important to have a strategy that supports the goals and culture of your organization.  MBL Benefits Consulting’s team performs ongoing research to identify the best products and services on the market.  The company has created many partnerships to support our client’s needs and is available to discuss strategic programs that will best fit your organization.  For more information feel free to connect with us here.

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