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As the people your employees turn to for guidance, it’s important to constantly be advancing your HR/People tactics to provide the best guidance and develop the best policies for your organization. However, whether you have a lean or large HR team, more pertinent tasks seem to take precedent over HR learning and development.

Podcasts are a great way to learn about best practices and get ideas of what other organizations in your industry are doing. Whether on a long commute via public transportation or bumper-to-bumper car drive, podcasts are a great way to pass the time and continue your learning.

Here are 10 Great Podcasts to Add to Your Queue:

  1. Workforce Health Engagement by Jesse Lahey
  2. Redesigning Wellness by Jen Arnold
  3. HBR Ideacast
  4. HR Works
  5. TED WorkLife with Adam Grant
  6. Nine to Thrive HR
  7. Hire Up Podcast
  8. Invisibilia
  9. HR Happy Hour
  10. Start-Up Recruiting Podcast

Workforce Health Engagement by Jesse Lahey- Host Jesse Lahey, SPHR, discusses various strategies to help improve employee well-being and productivity in an effort to protect your company’s bottom line. Lahey interviews various HR and wellness experts to reveal insights on some of corporate wellness’ trickiest aspects: population health management, employee engagement and healthcare consumerism. The Workforce Health Engagement podcast is targeted for CEOs, HR executives and other business leaders who care about creating a culture of wellness (Forbes).

Redesigning Wellness by Jen Arnold- Host Jen Arnold aims to help employers build effective, strategic wellness programs that engage and motivate employees. Arnold features interviews with professionals from various specialties and backgrounds to discuss common issues and solutions for employee wellness programs. This podcast can be especially helpful for HR and wellness professionals that are looking to expand their corporate wellness initiatives and achieve higher participation rates. (Forbes )

HBR Ideacast- The HBR Ideacast is hosted by Sarah Green Carmichael who is an executive editor at HBR. This weekly podcast provides insights from interviews with leading thinkers in business and management.

HR Works- Perfect for a short commute, “HR Works” providers clear, relevant, and actionable information on topics that are relevant to HR professionals.

WorkLife- WorkLife hosted by Adam Grant, is a podcast from TED. Grant is an Organizational Psychologist and explores workplaces around the world to discover the keys to creating a better workforce.

Nine to Thrive HR- This podcast from HCI (Human Capital Institute) explores the world of HR with Fortune 1000 companies covering topics on talent acquisition, analytics, engagement, retention, and development.

HireUp Podcast- Hosted by John Beck, the HireUp podcast provides interviews and insights for everything related to HR. Topics discussed include retaining top talent, professional development, training, and employee risk mitigation.

Invisibilia- “Inivisibilia” is Latin for invisible things.  This podcast focuses on the unseen things that drive human behavior. Hosted by Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin, the podcast discusses human stories, human beliefs, and the psychology of how we act and live through life.

HR Happy Hour- Hosted by Steve Boese, the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, the HR Happy Hour Podcast is the longest running HR Podcast. Exploring topics spanning HR, management, learning, and development, and leadership, this rich podcast is one to keep in rotation.

Startup Recruiting Podcast- Perfect for those who work in HR in the startup sector, this podcast hosted by Charlie O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures speaks to HR leaders in the startup and tech space about best practices for a lean HR team and how to develop processes when starting from the ground up.

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