Tips for 2019 People Planning

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There’s no better time than the present to plan for your future!  The HR / People Space has evolved dramatically in the past 10 years.  This evolution is a result of emerging technologies, the needs of a progressive workforce and changing interests of companies.  Being prepared means being strategic which includes recruiting, retaining and developing talent, debatably your company’s most valuable asset.

As we get ready to say good-bye to 2018 and embark on what adventures 2019 will bring.  Companies that align their business goals with their talent find the most success through this collaboration.

Below we share some ideas for goal setting for the year to come:

1. Upgrade your technology – Integrating your technology streamlines your operations.  If you haven’t already done so connecting your HRIS integration with Applicant Tracking Solutions and Performance Management Tools will increase productivity.

2. Better Engagement with Employees – Find the right employee engagement survey for your organization and coach your management to drive results from their teams.

3. Enhance your learning and development programs – help your employees advance their careers and their growth will be with you rather than looking for it at another company.

4. Align company goals – Management and HR should work together to improve the company’s operations and increase the performance and competencies of employees.

5. Improve communication – Adopt an internal communication platform, whether its through your HRIS or “slack-like” channel.  You can then build out more specific channels for smaller group discussions.

6. Be Flexible –As the old saying goes, “the best-laid plans often go awry”.  No matter how carefully you plan, some obstacles are unavoidable.  Being flexible will allow you to roll with the punches and modify plans as needed.

Whatever your goals are for 2019 focus and follow-through and you will find success!!!

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