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Many companies are embracing the “new normal” that coronavirus has brought to the workplace. In fact, as reported by Gallup, of companies who prior to COVID-19 were office based, 55% of managers said their company’s work from home policy will change once government restrictions are lifted and kids are back in school, and 52% will allow employees to work from home more often. But, there are those who plan to go back to providing traditional workplaces (whether it be full time or just a few days a week) and the workplace will look very different post-coronavirus. Those companies bringing employees back into a physical office will need to create a clear health and safety plan and communicate it to employees. 

As HR, you’ve already been thrown several curveballs in 2020 and have done your best to roll with all of the changes and still support business operations and your people. Now, you’ve been asked to implement a daily screening process for all employees who intend to commute to the office. 

There’s a lot to think about to ensure a safe workplace that is in compliance with regulatory requirements. And of course, employees want to know that they and their coworkers are healthy when they walk into work, and employees all feel differently about it. In a survey conducted by getAbstract, 44% of respondents reported that they feel somewhat safe, and 20% reported that they don’t feel safe returning to the workplace. You may not know where to start, or you may not have the capacity to take on an additional task of creating a return-to-work screening process for daily symptom tracking and figuring out how you will manage all of that data while keeping track of who can or cannot enter the office as a result of their assessment.

The good news is that employees are able to self-report remotely and Health & Wellness companies all over the U.S have designed tech to help ease the burden on HR and provide a daily symptom tracking platform that increases awareness of risk within the employee population and demonstrates a commitment of safety to employees. This allows employers to manage risk systemically, while directly supporting employee health. One such company is HealthCheck360.

Corporate Spotlight: HealthCheck360

Employers are looking for a simple to implement, simple to use technology to ensure that their employees have a safe place to work. HealthCheck360’s Daily Symptom Tracker is HIPPA compliant and can help relieve the burden of assessing and monitoring employees COVID-19 health status. 
Key Features:

  • Easy, one-time set-up & sign-in via text message (no need to remember usernames & passwords!)
  • Employees receive a daily text or email reminder to complete the assessment at the time of their choice to best fit with their schedule and lifestyle
  • Simple to use and designed for any skill and tech level. Questions take less than 1 minute to complete
  • The tracker provides a clear “green light” or “red light” guidance to the employee to show if they can proceed to work, or if they need to stay home and directs them to company-specific resources 
  • Employers are automatically notified when an employee is flagged to stay home, reducing the administrative burden of reporting and follow-up
  • COVID-19 resource center and nurse line included
  • HC360 also offers additional services, including onsite temperature screenings, clinical care management and return to work support.
  • Two to three week launch time 

Administrative Support:

Managing the process of daily recordings, symptomatic employees, and who is at home is easy with the tracker’s administrative portal, included in the platform. These tools arm your management team with data to track employees asked to stay home, along with oversight of employees’ symptoms before they come back to work. The system includes:

  • Notifications and active alerts for symptomatic or incomplete employees, ensuring you spend your time where it’s needed most
  • Status of high-risk participants
  • Daily on-demand reports
  • Reporting by location
  • Employee PHI is stored in HIPAA compliant manner, improving your compliance with regulatory requirements

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