Supporting Employees Through the Coronavirus

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As we have received notice that social distancing is still in effect and non-essential employees are required to work from home until the end of April in some states, individuals are reacting very differently to the news. Some are enjoying the experience of working from home through this pandemic — maybe they view this as a chance to slow down, learn a new-skill during non-work hours, spend more time with family or start a new project — but others may feel isolated, scared, on edge and alone. In this week’s newsletter, we offer 3 simple ways to support employees, all of which fall under the notion of providing reassurance that “we are all in this together”.

Three Ways to Support Employees:

1. Keep your teams updated: Consistent & transparent communication is key, especially as new coronavirus information unfolds and changes. Provide information in all channels that employees communicate on, whether that be email, slack, or during team checkin calls. It’s better to err on the side of over-communication. 

2. Offer Support: As mentioned, when employees work from home they may feel disconnected. While some might like that, others will not, making it important for managers to set up time to chat with remote employees about everything from work projects to “how are you doing?” and “what can I do to support you?”. We’re all human, and simply asking how someone is getting along during this difficult time can make a big difference. Being intentional about offering support will go a long way with those employees who really need it. If you missed one of our earlier blogs, you can find some great employee resources to share with your teams here.

3. Get employee feedback: You don’t have to guess how employees are doing during this time, you can gather feedback from your people and have their concerns help inform your responses and strategies to coronavirus. Employee experience is one of the most important business considerations during tough times, when an organization’s commitment to its employees really shows itself. Culture Amp’s People Science team has developed a free Emergency Response Survey template that includes an extended emergency response survey and a special COVID-19 pulse survey, both of which can be found here.

Your strategy for supporting employees doesn’t have to be complex, and it shouldn’t be disruptive to the work day. The goal, which is also a challenge is to be present enough that employees know you’re supporting them but not to the point that activities get in the way of the work. Keeping employees in the loop, asking them how they are, and asking them what they need, even if they don’t know right away, will engage your employees by bringing them into your strategic planning.

Featured Employee Resource: Sanvello

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