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Technology has significantly changed communication between people in recent years. Most notably, it is now one of the most common approaches companies use to communicate with employees (eg – Slack) and promote their products and businesses (eg – Twitter, FB, Instagram).

There is no better way to market and define your company than an army of loyal employees amplifying your brand in a positive manner on social media.   You should never underestimate the power of your employees as potential brand ambassadors.

Encouraging your employees to utilize social media in the proper way can reap tremendous benefits. If you are stuck with where to begin, here are some excellent tips how to do so:

Start Small

Nothing happens overnight, so do not expect to see drastic differences immediately. Incentivize your employees to follow your businesses social media pages on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Develop a Social Brand Value

As explained by Michael Bartl, “The concept is defined as the extent to which people share information about a brand as part of their everyday social lives at work or at home.” It is important to make people connect on a local level to secure a strong social presence for your brand.

Lead by Example

Set an example by doing it first.  Avoid sharing unnecessary spam updates.  Find ways to motivate your employees to do the same.


Employees must truly understand the company’s mission and vision before representing the brand online. Guide your employees without actually telling them exactly what to deliver on social media. Let their voice be heard!  Praise according to analytics to make your employees feel included.

Train Your Employees

Not everyone is experienced in navigating social media. It can be confusing for some. Provide training from time to time to help your employees become familiar and confident with handling social media interactions.

Brand authenticity and transparency are what users look for and value most. This is why having a team of employees as social media advocates is so compelling. When employees are willing to personally advocate for their company’s services or products to their direct network, it shows their confidence in the quality and value of what their company has to offer.

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