Six Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

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Each day is an opportunity to improve your life whether fulfilling a professional or personal goal, cutting out a dessert to eat healthier or walking to a meeting instead of taking a taxi for a little more exercise.  Working in small changes to your lifestyle may be a challenge but can bring big rewards.  Being healthy doesn’t mean things have to be boring.  

Below are six steps you can easily implement for a healthier lifestyle:

  • Don’t shop hungry – we tend to buy more when we are hungry. When you go food shopping make a list so you can stick to buying healthier options.
  • Food swaps – healthier options for traditional comfort foods
    • mashed cauliflower for potatoes
    • avocado for mayo
    • baked sweet potato fries for french fries
    • banana “ice-cream” (mash a banana and freeze it) for ice-cream 
    • coconut water for fruit juice
    • spaghetti squash for pasta
  • De-stress – close your eyes and roll your neck around 3 times each way before and after internal office meetings (ask colleagues to join to spread the mindfulness) 
  • Sleep – get enough quality sleep and you will improve your daytime fatigue
  • Exercise (even if lightly) – 3 > 10 minute walks per day can be just as affective as a daily 30 minute work-out
  • Strengthen your core – remembering to roll your soldiers back and to sit up straight at your desk will not only improve your posture

Start small… little modifications can make a big impact on your well-being!

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