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Between twenty and thirty hours. That’s the average time it takes for HR to manage one leave of absence end-to-end. Managing leave not only costs time, but money. Specifically, somewhere upwards of $1,400 (per leave). Doesn’t that sound like an administrative nightmare? If you’re looking for a better way to manage leave, we have something you’re going to want to see. 

Tilt is changing the leave of absence management game, so you’re invited to delete your spreadsheets, erase those calendar reminders, say ‘goodnight’ to late night leave law Google searches and ‘see ya never’ to confusing emails. Tilt’s technology is making it easier for you and your employees to switch between work and life. With Tilt, you can balance empathy with economics.

Tilt’s SaaS platform and their team of real human experts streamline the entire process and cover all aspects of an employee leave, from communication administration, to compliance, and support, all in once place. Each leave is unique, so Tilt also guides employees through the entire leave journey by providing accurate and clear communications tailored to their circumstance.

  • Leave Law Compliance: Tilt keeps you compliant with the ever-changing leave law landscape and creates custom leave plans based on your company’s policies.
  • End-to-end Nationwide Leave Management: Tilt becomes an extension of your team, alleviating the burden that is leave administration & management. 
  • Manager Education: Tilt gives managers access to evidence-based resources such as backfill planning, on-leave communication guides, return-to-work talking points, and so much more.
  • Benefits Coordination: Tilt directs employees to existing employer benefits that can support them during their leave & their return to work
  • 1:1 employee support: Leave planning, paperwork assistance, task and deadline nudges for your employees, making this whole LOA process easier for everyone!

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