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While you have already likely set up performance goals and projects to accomplish within 2018, taking the time in the New Year for a pulse check is a great way to track progress and get an idea of how your employees are feeling. Aside from individual goals, January is a great time to evaluate your overall HR strategy including recruiting, retention, efficiency, talent development and to obtain feedback to iterate upon processes.

Here are a few goals to focus on within various areas of HR:

Increase Talent Acquisition- One of the largest points of feedback candidates provide when applying for a job is how the process feels antiquated or vague. As a new goal for this year, work on developing your recruiting process to be more streamlined, provide constant communication (whether it be not moving forward or pushing an applicant further through the process).  Improve your time from applicant to hire to lower rejection rates, and lastly, focus on hiring diverse talent.

Increase Talent Retention Percentage- In today’s age of high turn-over rates and increased competition for talent, focusing on retention is key. Company culture is a large driving factor in retention rates. Examine your employee population and see where areas of culture can be improved. Are they a largely millennial workforce who wants to have better balance and craves flexible time off? Is much of your workforce entering their life stage of family planning- how can you be of assistance? As your company grows and evolves, your culture needs to as well. Send out a company survey to get an idea of where employees feel culture is lacking and work from there.

Improve Protocols to Be More Efficient – Sit down with managers from the various parts of your organization and see where they feel protocols needs to be improved. Does the engineering team feel that onboarding isn’t working for their new hires? Does your HRIS team feel they need a better system to run reports for the rest of the organization? Perhaps there is too much red tape to send out emails and plan company events for effective employee engagement and internal communications. See where areas are hurting and research ways, with team leads, that you can help improve processes to make their teams even more successful.

Lay the Foundation for Pathways for Learning and Development- Learning and development also plays a role in retention rates. Employees want to feel that you are invested in them and they can really grow with the company. With a large millennial workforce, staying at a company 1-2 years is quite common. Brainstorming creative ways to keep employees on staff is key in order to prevent going through the recruiting process again. By speaking with employees and finding out where they would like to grow- and investing in those learning opportunities – individuals will feel that they are more valued at the company. No one wants to stay in a job that they feel is a dead-end.

Create a Feedback Loop for Employees and Managers – Feedback is key! While quarterly performance reviews are great, empower employees and managers to set more frequent pulse checks.  Encourage meetings where each person can discuss their needs, wants, and where they feel improvement is needed. Have key points from these conversations documented and note any trends- see where HR can intervene and create better organization-wide processes so everyone can excel.

While New Year’s Resolutions have already been set, there is still time to create resolutions for professional and company-wide goals. Take this time to reflect on last year and note where improvement can be made.

Make 2018 your best year yet!

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