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In today’s hiring market, recruiting via email outreach and job boards just isn’t enough.  To attract top talent you need to advertise your company and the role(s) you’re looking to fill.

As the HR team marketing your culture and core values is key to attract and retain talent. Before you dive in, here are some important terms to familiarize yourself with:

  • Employer Brand – This is your company’s reputation as an employer- if your brand is strong, candidates will see your organization as a great place to work (69% of candidates wouldn’t accept a job offer from a company with a bad rep).
  • Recruiting Marketing – This is the process of promoting your company’s employer brand. Recruiting Marketing can be done via job boards, social media, and content marketing.
  • Content Marketing – This is a marketing method that allows you to evangelize your organization’s core values and beliefs through “content” that relates to your product/solution.  For example, if you are a residential real estate firm you might create a research paper on the benefits of living in certain neighborhoods in a city (specifically those neighborhoods where your available properties are located).  This strategy will generate prospective interest and leads.  Most likely your marketing team already produces content like this in the form of blog posts, newsletters, etc.
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It is essential to establish top recruiting practices that will attract top candidates to join your organization, while remembering to continuously “re-sell” the company, its culture and values to existing employees. Download our eBook to learn strategies around recruiting and retaining top talent!

Now that you’re a pro on the lingo, here are 4 ways to translate common marketing practices for Human Resources:

1. Tell a Story – Prospective hires want to know why your company is the best place to work. What sets you apart from other companies and/or your competitors?  Highlight the benefits of working in your office, your diverse team, growth and learning opportunities, or fun social activities that are part of your culture.

2. Create a Blog and Social Media Accounts – Having a blog allows for content sharing related to your industry – blogs are a medium to provide suggestions or solutions to industry problems.  Use social media to share your content and display your company culture. By producing social media content and blog posts you will be sharing your industry and cultural innovation.

3. Create Talent Communities – If you create great content for your industry – why not create a talent community? This is a great way to partner with your marketing team. If they send out a weekly or monthly industry newsletter, consider including community events and a job board – this can help you recruit from a pool of candidates who are experts in the industry and passionate about your company’s mission.

4. Track Success – Just as your marketing team track’s their success – track yours as well. See what content and social media posts have high rates of engagement, replicate those and nix initiatives that aren’t performing well. This will help strengthen your employer brand.

Being in HR isn’t just about dealing with issues in the workplace anymore. The “People Role” has greatly evolved in today’s workplace. Broadening your horizons and learning other functions to recruit top talent will help you strengthen your company’s culture and help your business thrive.

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