Recruiting in the Age of Social Media

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Linkedin. Instagram. Facebook. Glassdoor.  Aside from scrolling through your personal social media accounts, these platforms are regularly being used to find jobs and source talent.

There are numerous opportunities where your organization can shine with social media and be utilized as a valuable resource to recruit new candidates. But at a time so consumed with technology, it can be hard to position your organization correctly and attract top talent. In the age of social media, recruiting efforts need to be amped up. Potential hires are looking for more information about the company, the culture, and want an easier time to find career opportunities. 

79% of potential candidates will use social media in their job search but 3 in 4 employers say they don’t (or don’t know) if they promote their employment brand on social media. The hiring pool is becoming more and more saturated with Millennials and Gen Z, and it’s important to implement social media recruitment strategies since they play such a prevalent role in information consumption for these demographics.

Allow Your Current Employees to Help Tell Your Story- Authenticity helps create your organization’s story and culture. Find your rock-stars and cheerleaders and have them share their experience at the company, write reviews, and stories about fun things going on at the company (via social media). On the other hand, if you find negative reviews on sites such as Glassdoor, make sure you attend to those comments to show other potential candidates that you take feedback serious and make a concerted effort to constantly improve the company’s culture.

Make Sure Your Organization is Present in Various Mediums- If you’re not on social media, do you even exist in today’s world? Well yes, but especially when gearing towards Millennial hires, having a social media presence is imperative.  Whether you have a company page on LinkedIn, Facebook, or blog on Medium, will have an impact on the potential hires you are able to reach. Social media is a great way to display your product and/or showcase your services, but also can reflect how you invest in your employees. Tagging the company in various events will show up in a candidates search and help with their understanding of the culture.

Share Images and Videos Displaying Aspects of Culture- Videos and images are incredibly helpful for a candidate to see what working at the organization is like. Had a successful wellness event- share it! Create a funny video for the holidays featuring employees and share it! Potential hires love to get a feel for the culture and using media is the perfect way to reflect how awesome it is to be part of your team.  

Optimize Job Listings for SEO and Mobile Search- Marketing and HR collide- taking a social media marketing approach when creating job listings. Optimize titles and descriptions for SEO so you’ll be the top result when a candidate is searching for an open position in your space and role category.  

With social media playing such an important part in the workplace, and success of an organization, applying marketing tactics to the “people teams” recruiting efforts will enable you to cast a more widespread net to attract a diverse talent pool.

Stories aren’t just for the books- use them to bring your company’s culture come to life. 

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