Re-engaging Employees on Their Return to the Workplace

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As more and more organizations are planning their returns to the office, HR people pros have been wondering how they can re-engage employees who might be feeling burnt out and disengaged. You can help reignite their spark with anything from fun, virtual team-building events that excite and offer a change-up from the everyday to office meal programs that keep teams safe, enthusiastic, and well-fed.

As employers attempt to find the right fit for their organizations — whether employees are working onsite, remote, or a hybrid of both — virtual engagement and catered meal programs that provide choice and flexibility, are always great ideas.

Vendor Spotlight: Cater2me

Since 2010, has been providing customized catering programs for teams across the country. As many companies began working from home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, shifted their approach, adding remote solutions to help keep employee engagement and culture alive. Now, nearly a year later, offers a suite of solutions for both in-office and remote teams that will make your whole crew culture connoisseurs!
For in-office workers, tailors their programs to fit your team’s needs. Fluctuating day-to-day headcounts? No problem. Their Group Ordering option can accommodate changing shifts and inconsistent schedules. And better yet, it allows your employees to select and customize their individually packaged meals based on their personal schedules and dietary preferences. 
Looking to bring your remote or hybrid team together? can help with that too! Take your employees to the other side of the world to dive with sharks in the waters off New Zealand, or get the creative juices flowing with a relaxing painting class. Want to offer culinary classes or wine tastings? can provide interactive, chef-led cooking classes (ingredient kits included) or guided cheese and wine tastings. If you’re looking for more team building activities, virtual escape rooms, blind origami and virtual campfires with custom trivia can help your team improve communication and work together to meet a common goal. The best part? You get to sit back and enjoy the fun, too!
The options truly are endless with They’ll work with you and your team to identify company goals and build a culture program tailored to your team. .

  • Curated Company Culture: helps promote employee engagement by providing a complete, customizable culture program, from flexible in-office meal programs to remote solutions like virtual experiences and employee snack box delivery.
  • Dedicated Account Management: Whether you’ve booked a team meal, virtual event, or home delivered treats, coordinates with you every step of the way to make sure the experience goes off without a hitch. Be hands-on or hands-off- it’s all up to you.
  • Tailored to Your Team: With hundreds of food vendors and virtual experience providers around the globe, can plan an event for teams of all sizes across multiple time zones.
  • Flexible Scheduling: With its Group Ordering solution for in-office catering, is customizable and flexible for your team, accommodating fluctuating employee schedules and varying daily headcounts.
  • Safe Solutions: With individually packaged meals, you can ensure your in-office employees’ safety while keeping them well fed and motivated.
  • Supporting Local Communities:’s mission has always been to connect companies with local food vendors and bring employees together over shared meals. Now more than ever it’s important prioritize community within your team, whether you’re working in an office, are fully remote, or something in between .

Cultivating culture – either in or outside the office – has spillover benefits too. With a virtual experience, your team can build trust and camaraderie that leads to better teamwork and higher engagement. And for those team members working in the office, remind them what it’s like to share ideas with colleagues over lunch (in a safe, delicious, individually wrapped way of course!).

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