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Work/Life Balance is a term often used but less often realized.  Creating a corporate culture that promotes the importance of career alongside personal life has many benefits for both the organization and team.  A strong model from the management team will set the tone for mutual respect between work time and family life.

A 2017 survey by Kronos and Future Workplace, revealed that 46% of HR leaders surveyed, reported that employee burnout accounts for 20-50% of their companies’ annual employee turnover.  87% percent of HR leaders said retention is a high priority over the next five years, but 20% said they had too many competing priorities to focus on fixing the problem in 2017.

Below are 4 ways to build a professional environment conducive to work/life balance for your team:

1. Lead by Example – Create your own work/life balance boundaries and abide by them.  Share your experience with the team. 

2. Staff Appropriately – Build a sound organizational structure to cover necessary tasks, map out your team count on a quarterly basis and invest in appropriate technology to support employees.  Hiring additional support and implementing the right systems can drastically reduce the “burn and churn” rate which can ultimately cost a company more.

3. Mandate Time-Off – Everyone needs to take a break.  Often “unlimited vacation” policies create an adverse-affect, making a driven workforce less likely to take time off.  Set a generous use-it or lose-it policy and employees will be more likely to take some time away from the office to reset and return refreshed and more productive.  Some companies even implement policies that require each employee to take at least 1 personal day per quarter.

4. Set & Keep Boundaries – Blocking off time on your calendar to decompress (maybe take a much needed mid-day walk) is only half the battle, actually utilizing that time for personal care is the other.  Hold yourself accountable to keeping the time you set aside for yourself.

There are many ways to create a culture that promotes work/life balance.  Some strategies include onsite meditation and mindfulness programs.  MBL Benefits Wellness Team is available to discuss various programs for your team.   

And remember, if you slip on achieving work/life balance, don’t throw your hands in the air and give up – learn from the moment, reset and restart.

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