Productivity During Holidays

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As we’ve discussed in the past taking time off during the holiday season is important for the psyche, to “recharge and reset”.  However, sometimes being productive, or even just feeling productive, is a great way to do so. 

Whether it’s putting a list together for all those things you’ve been meaning to accomplish, learning a new skill, reading a great book or setting goals for the year to come there’s a plethora of options that exist to fulfill this objective.

1. Learn a new skill –Whether its for your job or personal reasons learning a new skill will increase your personal self value.  It could be as simple as an online writing course or as complex as tackling programming, but whatever it is go after something that you feel passionate about.

2. Listen to podcasts – These days podcasts can be for pleasure or professional enjoyment, but most likely a mix.  Check out the following ones and you may just get hooked:  HBR IdeacastHR Happy HourRedesigning WellnessPop Culture Happy HourTED Radio HourSerial.

3. Volunteer – Helping others also helps yourself.  Connecting with others, especially during holiday time “pays it forward” to improve the lives of others.  And at the same time, there are personal health benefits as well.

4. Organize yourself – Whether getting to “zero inbox” or just cleaning out the clutter of spam going through old unread emails can give you a sense of personal satisfaction.  But that’s just scratching the surface.  There are many opportunities to organize and with the extra time-off the holidays afford you cleaning out your closet or getting your calendar in order for the new year will most definitely provide a sense of satisfaction.

5. Rest & Relax – Being productive with yourself is just as important as accomplishing tasks.  We recognize that not everyone has the freedom to 100% disconnect from their email but taking time for a little rest and relaxation can help set the stage for your personal growth.  A good night’s sleep helps start the day off fresh.

Ultimately, however you choose to be productive take time for yourself, your family, your friends and your colleagues during the holiday season.  We shouldn’t need a reason to sit back and be grateful for those around us but sometimes the holidays are just the reminder we need to pause an appreciate the world around us.

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