AmeriFlex clients and participants should be aware of a potential scam targeting participants with an AmeriFlex Convenience Debit Card.

We have received reports of at least one participant who received an automated phone call informing them that their account had been compromised, and it attempted to solicit personal information (including a Debit Card number) through an automated phone system.

The security of our clients’ and participants’ personal information is of the utmost importance to us, so we’d like to take this opportunity to provide you with some important reminders to help you avoid these types of scams. Please feel free to share with your participants:

AmeriFlex will never contact participants by means of an automated phone message to solicit personal information. If you receive an automated phone message from someone claiming to represent AmeriFlex and asking for personal or financial information, please hang up and notify us immediately. No legitimate institution will ever initiate contact with a customer in order to request personal information, including account numbers, Debit Card numbers, or SSNs.

If you receive a call of this nature from a person or an automated recording of someone claiming to represent AmeriFlex, please notify us so that we may document and report it. Do not provide any personal information and be sure to use the AmeriFlex toll-free number (888.868.3539, option 2, then option 3) when contacting us to report the incident.

We have received reports of similar incidents where a bank or credit union’s name is invoked, rather than AmeriFlex’s. Beware of any automated phone message, regardless of who it claims to represent, that attempts to solicit personal or financial information.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.


888.868.FLEX (3539)

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