Philanthropy in the Workplace

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A company’s ability to engage a workforce that is happy, productive and enthusiastic is essential to its success.  One effective strategy for nurturing employee engagement while giving back to the community is to bring philanthropy into the workplace.  By being supported in their volunteer activities employees will feel the importance of the company’s mission in a tangible way.

Philanthropy helps employees feel self-motivated to continually succeed in their duties.  This type of employee engagement fosters the right conditions that enable employees to give their full effort every day, by giving them motivation to works towards a company’s long and short-term goals while making a positive impact on society.

Below are some examples of programs companies implement along with four ways philanthropy in the workplace increases employee engagement:

  • Sample Corporate Programs:
    • Volunteering – soup kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes, boys/girls clubs, mentorship
    • Fundraising – organization runs/walks, crowdfunding
    • Philanthropy Technology – platforms with various fundraising and volunteer opportunities to facilitate charity work
    • Company Support – fundraise matching, paid time off for volunteering 
  • Engagement:
    • Building Relationships Among Employees – employees that work together to help their community tend to build better relationships and have stronger friendships among their coworkers.
    • Gratitude – employees who feel gratitude toward their employers are more likely to build a strong connection with their workplace, and are more likely to stay working there. 
    • Increase Mood – when a person gives back or volunteers, a portion of their brain responsible for feelings of reward are triggered. The brain releases feel-good chemicals, sometimes referred to as a “helper’s high.” Helping others may also boost an employee’s self-esteem, well-being, and increase their overall attitude.
    • Productivity – employees with stronger relationships amongst their coworkers, form a connection with their workplace, and those who feel enthusiastic about their work are proven to be more productive throughout the day.

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