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Corporate Spotlight: Pavestep

Talent is critical in our organizations’ success, so how do you develop and motivate your talent? One of the most effective ways of developing and motivating your talent is through continuous performance management. 

Many companies are unhappy with their performance management system. According to a 2014 Brandon Hall Group Study, around 70% of companies feel that their performance management system is either average or below average. Another study suggests that this number is higher with 95% of managers being unhappy with their organization’s performance management process and yet many organizations are hesitant to switch from their current (and likely antiquated) performance management system. Other’s just have not had success trying to implement continuous feedback processes in general.

If you are reading this and thinking “we have tried implementing continuous feedback and creating a culture of feedback – it just didn’t work”, you’re not alone. Many HR/people professionals have spent countless hours and resources to set up their new performance management systems, only to find out that employee adoption never takes off. Simply implementing a new, sexy continuous performance management software won’t actually create a culture of feedback and accountability that organizations are looking for. If it did, most organizations would have moved away from traditional performance management long ago.

Your employees need the right leadership involvement, training, and processes. 

The team at Pavestep understands that continuous performance management is people-led, and technology supported, not the other way around. With their software and consulting services, Pavestep helps organization’s truly establish a culture of feedback.
With Pavestep, your organization can:

  • Enable 360, real-time, and meaningful feedback. Our research-based design and analytics enable meaningful feedback that actually develops your people. It’s time to make decisions based on real data, not gut feelings. With Pavestep, you can ​track employees’ performance data and uncover insights to understand their strengths and weaknesses, make data-driven decisions, and optimize performance.
  • Enable better goal alignment. Organizations can manage and track the teams’ progress and contributions all in one place. 
  • Streamline performance reviews. It is simple to customize and conduct manager, self, and 360 reviews without the administrative hassle.
  • Maximize employee adoption. Our workshops and consulting services help integrate feedback into your organization’s workflow and culture over the long term.

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