by James A. Woehlke, Esq., CPA
General Counsel / COO, MBL Benefits Consulting Corp.

On October 12, the IRS called for public comment on enhancing the current regulations on nondiscrimination in self-insured group health plans to cover the new requirements passed in the Affordable Care Act. After reviewing the maze of statutes that together impose the nondiscrimination requirement on nongrandfathered, fully-insured plans, the Notice summarizes the consequences when a plan fails the nondiscrimination rules as follows:

If a self-insured plan fails to comply with [the nondiscrimination rules], highly compensated individuals lose a tax benefit; if an insured group health plan fails to comply with [the nondiscrimination rules], the plan is subject to a civil action to compel it to provide nondiscriminatory benefits and the plan or plan sponsor is subject to an excise tax or civil money penalty of $100 per day per individual discriminated against.

Public comments are due November 4, 2010.

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IRS Notice 2010-63:

Rev. 10/28/2010.

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