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Vaccines have come a long way in helping to eradicate disease and prevent sickness, since the first successful smallpox vaccine in 1796.  Vaccinations work by administering a weakened, inactive or dead virus into the body and allowing the immune system to successfully fight off the virus and create immunity against it in the future.  This helps the body fight off the virus if it comes in contact with it again.

Although some vaccines are required, and some are voluntary, the benefits of vaccinations are always a smart idea to keep you and your family healthy.  Most schools and childcare facilities require that children be vaccinated prior to their enrollment.  This not only protects other children (and adults) but the vaccinated child.

Below are 4 essential reasons to get vaccinated:

1.  Disease Control – Vaccinations help to eliminate and eradicate diseases that arise in the general population. We have vaccines to thank for the elimination of Polio from the United States in 1979.  However, there has been a recent movement of “anti-vaxxers” that are said to have caused a comeback of the disease along with other diseases such as whooping cough, measles, mumps and chicken pox.

2.  Herd Immunity – Vaccines have the potential to not only protect those vaccinated, but those who are unvaccinated. When a significant percentage of a community becomes immune to an infection, it provides protection to the individuals who are not immune. In a population with a large number of protected individuals, the disease can be slowed or stopped, preventing it from getting to those not vaccinated.

3.  Cancer Prevention – Some infections have the potential to cause cancer. For example, chronic Hepatitis B may lead to liver cancer and HPV has been linked to cervical cancer. Getting vaccinated against these infections will help lower your chances of these types of cancers.

4. Reduced Morbidity – Vaccines will reduce sickness and morbidity among those vaccinated. Flu vaccines are one of the most common vaccinations available, which cause antibodies to develop in the body that protect against the virus. When getting the seasonal flu vaccine, it may not always prevent the illness, but it will lessen the degree to which it affects the body.

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