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We all are aware of the events that have occurred over the past year. From the coronavirus pandemic, to major political upheavals, layoffs and furloughs, to natural disasters and more, rates of depression, anxiety and stress have skyrocketed, setting the stage for an extremely costly phenomenon. Employee burnout isn’t just an individual problem, it’s often an organizational one shaped by work environment and culture. That’s good news though, because it means that managers, leaders, and HR professionals have the ability to reduce the rates of employee burnout.

The Harvard Business Review estimates that burnout results in healthcare spending costs of $125 billion to $190 billion per year. Worker burnout symptoms include exhaustion, reduced work performance, and feeling negative, cynical, or detached from work. The Spring Health Burnout Nation report shows that American workers—defined as those employed full time, part time or self-employed—are experiencing high rates of burnout. Based on a recent survey commissioned by Spring Health and conducted online this past November by The Harris Poll among 1,136 employed U.S. adults, currently a majority of U.S. workers (76%) are experiencing burnout symptoms with an alarming percentage reporting complete burnout (9%). The report also shows that contributors to worker burnout can include conditions that have been created or perpetuated by the coronavirus crisis, including layoffs and downsizings, working from home, increased job responsibilities, lack of work-life boundaries, and caretaking or child-rearing duties at home. Other interesting statistics shown in the report are that married individuals reported greater burnout than non married individuals, and those with kids under 18 years of age reported greater burnout than those without kids 18 years old. 

In this same survey, American workers were asked what employers could do to help their employees manage burnout. Responses included: reduced work hours (30%), more paid time off (30%), more supportive and empathetic managers (26%), and better mental health policies (25%), with specific suggestions including access to free therapy from employers, mental health and wellness apps, and mental health benefits.

American workers point to activities outside of work as burnout reducers, with more than half (51%) of American employees reporting that self-care practices  like a healthy sleep routine and eating a healthier diet would help them avoid or reduce worker burnout. This is unsurprising, as  American employees often trade sleep, rest, and adequate breaks for longer work hours in order to meet work deadlines and expectations.  However, the science shows that happy and healthy employees are also more productive and effective. With this said, employers can play a role in educating their team members and actively encourage habits that are  proven to prevent burnout. 

Below are some virtual workshops and events that MBL Clients have offered to their employees to address mental health and burnout. Feel free to reach out to MBL Wellness Coordinator, Cristina, at for more information and scheduling.

Amy Shapiro, Founder of Real Nutrition NYC: Amy is incredibly engaging, smart and can provide one hour nutrition workshops for companies on almost any topics relating to food. Popular topics include gut health, how food impacts mood and mental health, and holiday nutrition. Content is customizable and you can work with Amy to find a topic that would be best for your teams. Amy’s rate is $400/hour session. 

Exubrancy Workshops: Below are an example of some of the workshops offered by Exubrancy. They also have workshops on Mindfulness and Mindful Communication, and other clinical-psychiatrist led workshops based in NYC on Mental Health, Stress Management, Sleep, and more that are not listed.

  • Mindful Meditation and Yoga:
    • 45 minute yoga session (virtual)- $250/session
    • 30 minute mindful meditation – $225/session
    • 20 minute stretch breaks -$150/session 
  • Immunity Boosting Nutrition Workshop: A 60-minute workshop lead by a top Exubrancy Registered Dietitian that will provide insights on the foods that help boost our immunity, as well as overall energy and comfort. Throughout the dynamic workshop, participants will learn how to break through the noise of common nutritional myths and learn which foods will keep them their healthiest ($850). 
  • Intro to Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop: During this enlightening one-hour workshop, an expert Exubrancy instructor will teach employees about the foundations of meditation and mindfulness and it’s research-backed benefits, and provide techniques for incorporating mindfulness practices into their everyday lives. Participants will then be lead through calming breathing exercises, grounding stretches, and a guided meditation experience during the second portion of the workshop ($500). 
  • De-stigmatizing Mental Health with Dr. Vora:  From Lady Gaga to Coronavirus, we’ll discuss mental illness in 2020 and beyond. We’re ready to move past the stigma and onto a better understanding of what makes us anxious, unhappy, and unwell, and what we can do about it. We’ll also reflect on vulnerability and the role it plays in courage in the workplace ($1,400).
  • #Selfcare Seminar: The idea of Self Care can be confusing; partly because we’re all similar, but different. Just like different species of plants need different amounts of water, soil, and sunlight; different people need different ratios of movement, food, sleep, and contact. This 1 hour workshop will explore what it means to actually take care of yourself in a meaningful, lasting way, and how to design a customized self-care routine. ($1,100). 
  • Ergonomics 101- How to Work From Home Comfortably: Discover the best ways to set up your work from home work-station in order to maximize health and comfort. In this 60-minute workshop, Exubrancy’s expert Ergonomist will offer insights on how to maximize your WFH setups, share helpful tips and tricks, and lead you through stretches and techniques to support optimal posture and comfort ($850). 
  • Food & Mood Nutrition Workshop: Eating well does more than just manage weight or offset illness – it can have a real impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing. Exubrancy’s top Registered Dietitians will cover diet and lifestyle habits that will help you improve your mood, mitigate your stress, and be your happiest and healthiest self ($850).

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