Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

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From the moment the leaves turn crisp to when the first snowflake hits the ground, there are many holidays to celebrate. And with that holiday joy, delicious and decadent food makes its way to the table. However, with all this scrumptious food, it can be tough to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

To help you stay on track through the holidays (and perhaps refrain from whipping out those sweatpants more than needed), here are some tips to follow at this season’s holiday gatherings.

8 Quick Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating:

1.  Don’t save up calories for the day- Sometimes we try to “save up” our calories by skipping a meal. When we do this we end up overeating rather than enjoying food in moderate amounts.

2. Try to eat a snack or small meal beforehand- Instead of going hungry to a holiday gathering, eat a snack or small balanced meal (filled with greens!) before heading out to prevent yourself from overindulging.

3. Avoid holiday shopping when hungry-Spreading cheer through gifts is great, but don’t ruin your health by letting aromas from the food court entice you. Eat before heading out for your day of shopping or pack a healthy snack.

4. Get moving- Even during the holidays, it’s important to stay active. Get your family and friends involved and keep your body feeling great, even after an indulgent meal.

5. Veggies with a side- There are so many delicious dishes to have during the holidays. When filling up your plate aim to have mostly veggies with a side of the more decadent dishes.

6. Be Mindful- Eating too fast prevents your stomach from telling your brain that you’re full. Take time between each bite to truly savor your food- this will allow the natural process of “fullness” to occur.

7. Limit Sugary Holiday Drinks-While eggnog and hot chocolate are hard to resist, try to only have small amounts since these drinks are high in sugar. If opting for a drink with a holiday meal, go for wine instead as it contains less sugar.

8. The 3 Bite Rule- From pies, cakes, cookies, and biscuits, the holidays are filled with delectable and seasonal treats. Stick to a three bite rule for sweet treats to manage the amount of sugar you are consuming.

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