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Flu in the workplace costs U.S businesses approximately $10.4 billion each season, according to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The good news is, flu vaccination rates are highest when offered in the workplace. MBL wants to help you and your employees protect your teams from the fast approaching flu season so we will be coordinating onsite flu shot clinics at your office with Rite Aid Flu Clinics and their certified immunizing pharmacists.

Typically, the vaccination is already covered under most health plans. Organizing a flu shot clinic at your workplace for employees can be a great way to do the following:

  • Reduce costs associated with missed time from work to get vaccinated
  • Reduce costs associated with absences due to illness, resulting in improved productivity
  • Offering such a benefit to employees can improve their view of you as an employer, showing that you value their health and time by bringing this service to them.

How Onsite Flu Shots Work:

Important facts about Rite Aid’s Onsite Flu Shot Clinics:

  • Flu shots administered at no cost to your company (as long as a minimum of 25 employees are vaccinated per hour. If not, a $60 hourly staffing fee applies)
  • Remote locations with smaller employee populations, upon request, will receive vouchers to visit a Rite Aid location
  • Rite Aid will bill direct to employee’s insurance, most major carriers accepted
  • Nominal fee for uninsured only:
    • ~$35 per shot, payable by employee (or employer if they so choose) at time of shot with cash, check or credit card

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