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As a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic maintaining a sense of normalcy, well-being and grounded-ness can be challenging.  We recognize the significant strain being placed on companies, their employees and in general communities at large. To help alleviate stress and keep your teams connected, engaged and productive, we have put together a list of resources which includes vendors offering special services in response to the current public health crisis.

Many carriers and state department of health are rolling out specific programs for their constituents.  Carriers will continue to send out plan specific details to their clients.  You can also reach out to your MBL representative for information specific to your company’s and employee’s benefits.

Work from Home Strategies:

  • Set office hours – try to maintain a similar schedule to one that you would have in your regular office setting
  • Schedule breaks – if you normally take breaks at work, schedule them at similar times while at home, don’t forget to take a moment to reset and recharge every so often
  • Get Moving – remember to get exercise in at some point during the day; a brisk walk, living room yoga or streaming a workout are a few ideas to try
  • Socialize – working alone can be difficult; make use of your internal messaging systems channels and video chat, talking with coworkers regularly will help prevent feelings of loneliness and remember to reach out to friends and family too

Dependable News Sources

There is a lot of misinformation being distributed in the media.  Make sure to use reliable sources for your news. Below are a few links we suggest utilizing as resources.

Employee Resources:

Emotional Well-Being, Fitness & Engagement

  • Headspace (headspace.com/covid-19)– Additional content on “weathering the storm” on free app, plus employer tool kit to support employees (get.headspace.com/employer-toolkit)
  • Bravely – hello@workbravely.comworkbravely.com – Set-up a custom employee support webinar for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Health Fitness Concepts – bit.ly/2xPIol8 – Isolated webinars, virtual challenges
  • Namaste – bit.ly/2UmsBlc – Personalized 1:1 wellness coaching with clinical social workers, meditation coaching, yoga and fitness
  • Exubrancy – www.Exubrancy.com – Virtual wellness programming, yoga, workshops, mindfulness, nutrition and more
  • Talkspace – www.talkspace.com – $100 off services for new users with code 1004U plus free therapist led facebook support groups at https://bit.ly/2Qr5cOw
  • More Health –  https://bit.ly/2U1jsj3 – Telehealth platform with leading experts in medicine (morehealth.com).  Complimentary webinar on Managing Health in Your Community, on-demand providers
  • HealthKick – https://mailchi.mp/health-kick/hkhome-registration – HealthKick is extending complimentary HK@Home access to all companies to give employees resources to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing, at this challenging time.  The platform includes a curated selection of exclusive offers for 50+ of our favorite online and delivery partners. 
  • BurnAlong – burnalong.com – Online health and wellness programming with social motivation from family, friends and co-workers ($2 pepm or $149 per month (less than 75 employees)
  • Down Dog App – downdogapp.com – All yoga, high intensity training, barre and 7-minute workout apps are free until April 1 for general public and free until July 1 for all students (to sign up you must use a .edu address and email school@downdogapp.com)
  • Kashable – kashable.com/employer.html – Providing employees access to low-cost socially responsible loans during emergencies and times of hardship, to alleviate financial stress.
  • Team Trivia – triviahublive.io – Host team trivia over zoom/ google hang out / slack keep-in-touch and connected with your employees.

Physical Health & Nutrition

  • Virtudent – info.virtudent.com/teledentistry – Virtual dental consultatins available from anywhere.  During the COVID-19 crisis they are waving the company fee.  For employees with dental insurance they will bill for a limited oral evaluation and for those without coverage they will be at the discounted rate of $49. There fee is FSA/HSA eligible.
  • Health Fitness Concepts – bit.ly/2xPIol8 – Nurses on hand to provide employee temperature monitoring to your keep working population safe.
  • Sweet Greens – bit.ly/sgimpactoutpost – Dedicated outpost operations teams delivering free, fresh sweet greens salads and bowls in cities they serve (DC, Philadelphia, Boston, NYC, SF, LA, Chicago and Houston)

Learning & Development

  • Gnowbe Learn – https://learn.gnowbe.com/infection-prevention-control-101 – Free Infection and Prevention Control 1010 Course so you can help protect yourself and your workforce during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • GoCoach – www.gocoachgo.com – Remote management skills trainings and other management training.  They will be offering ongoing complimentary seminars throughout the pandemic.  Reach out for more information.


  • Apiari – theapiari.com – Vetted child sitting services. They are waiving enrollment fees during the outbreak.
  • Urbansitter – www.urbansitter.com – Vast network of sitters and backup care.  They are waiving implementation fees through March 31.
  • Kunik – COVID19 is placing enormous stress on your working parents. The need to extend support, culture, and inclusion beyond the physical space of your office has never been greater. Kunik enables you to do this. Kunik is a digital platform that helps employers support working parents with community and expert coaching. We host and manage private, company specific groups, run a peer network of working parents across the country, and provide digital expert coaching on topics covering kids, to home and work. We are proud to offer access to our Peer Network for free during this pandemic. Together, we will help your employees confidently and productively adapt to these new challenges. Contact hello@kunikco.com to learn more and get your employees immediate access to the community and coaching they need.

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