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65% of Millennials said they are more skeptical of claims made by employers now than they were in 2011. While most Millennials are out of college or finishing up graduate programs, Gen Z has moved into the college pool- and likely share these Millennial views. Having a presence at Universities is important if you want to recruit young and talented individuals.

98% of companies still believe on-campus fairs are the best way to brand themselves with students. While this certainly may resonate with soon to be grads, having an employer brand presence on social media and using online tactics to show career and growth opportunities for entry-level hires, can be more appealing. 60% of Millennials consider the most attractive perk companies offer to be the growth opportunities and 46% left past positions due to lack of career growth.

So how do you appeal to the younger generation and improve your recruiting strategy on-campus?

Here are 4 Ways to Help Improve Your Campus Recruiting Efforts:

1. Identify Hiring Needs and Target Schools- Before you start your recruiting efforts, think about the jobs you currently have open, what you might be hiring for, and assess the skills necessary to succeed. Have a checklist of knowledge levels or “must-haves” before starting your campus recruiting efforts- from there you can target specific schools that have specialized programs/degrees for what you are looking to hire. For example, if looking for innovative designers, head to an art and design school or if looking for movers-and-shakers head to a school with a great entrepreneur or incubator program where you can find future thought-leaders.

2. Consider Remote Campus Recruiting- While traditional onsite campus recruiting is a great way to find young talented individuals, it too can limit your talent pool. Consider remote recruiting or hosting an online booth/job fair so students or recent grads from all across the county can learn about your organization. Going digital can also be a great way to save on costs from onsite recruiting materials.

3. Create a Talent Pipeline- By recruiting young talent, you can create attractive work opportunities for other entry-level professionals, building a strong talent pipeline. (internship programs can help too!)

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However, it’s important to give meaningful work to entry-level employees, rather than menial tasks, to help improve retention rates. Giving your young talent work they feel plays a role in the success of the company/business will feed their hunger to succeed and motivate them to work harder and grow their career within your organization.

4. Offer Opportunities and Benefits Appealing to Recent Grads- While a lengthy family leave-policy and great 401(k) match is appealing to more seasoned hires, these aren’t necessarily the perks young talent is seeking. Consider your benefits offering to appeal recent grads- perhaps its autonomy and flexible work-life balance, affordable health insurance, or even assistance with student debt repayment. Ensure you benefits offering meets the needs of all your employees.

Improving campus recruiting tactics not only opens up a larger pipeline to young talent, but allows you to tap into individuals who have insights into your future consumers. Hiring recent grads and guiding them to flourish within your organization will benefit your retention rates and the overall success of your business.

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