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Over the past few weeks, People Teams have reached out to discuss and brainstorm budgets and plans for 2021 employee wellness and engagement initiatives. With return to work timelines still up in the air for many, and with so many unknowns around COVID-19 playing a role in our lives,  HR continues to look for ways to support employees virtually. A recent statement from an HR professional went something like this. “I have no problem being home and working from home. I am faring well. I have my routine. But I know there are others on my team, and on other teams [here], who aren’t having the same experience as me, and I want them to know that we as a company see them.” As for most, cost is a limiting factor, but one Fitness Partner has a solution to help get your employees engaged and moving in the virtual world we’re currently operating in.

Vendor Spotlight: Zeamo

Founded in 2016, Zeamo started out, and continues to deliver a digital platform that lets employees directly choose from hundreds of popular fitness facilities to design a plan based around their daily habits, exercise preferences, and budget. From the C-Suite to your traveling sales team, Zeamo keeps the whole team happy and healthy. With their tiered membership options, employees no longer have to settle on one single gym in order to receive a discount, and employers are able to offer a flexible fitness solution that employees actually want to use. Zeamo has pivoted to cater to the virtual world that we live in and meet the current demands of employers with their new Fitness Passport program.

The Power Of Choice: Zeamo’s Fitness Passport has something for everyone regardless of where they like to exercise. With over 14,000 activities to choose from, your employees will never get bored. Zeamo’s in-app technology utilizes AI to guide users towards the activities and workouts that are the best fit for their goals and personal preferences. From gym-goers to class fanatics, and runners to power walkers, the Fitness Passport Integrates with over 200+ activity tracking devices, making it easy for all employees to track activity and earn rewards for all of their workouts and daily activity.

No More “One Size Fit’s All” Gym Benefits: The best goals are smart and achievable. Zeamo’s program has been designed to encourage employees to set small goals that achieve big results. New exercisers, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone in-between will find it easy to build a sustainable fitness program that includes the activities they enjoy and allows them to track progress to build healthier habits over time.

Let’s Leave Gym Check In’s and Submitting Receipts in 2020: Engagement is not just about the number of gym check-ins or submitting receipts, People teams care about the activity and behavior changes that impact health outcomes. Employers will receive monthly benchmarking reports on digital fitness consumption, changes in overall activity levels, rewards point accrual, and more.

A Zeamo Funded Rewards Program: Zeamo is committed to keeping your employees engaged and ensuring they stay motivated and invested in making healthy choices. Most rewards program are company funded and require additional investment on your end. That ends with Zeamo. Users can rack up points for things like taking on-demand classes, taking live-stream classes, gym and studio check-ins, and hitting step and activity minute thresholds (if linked to their Fitness Device). Points can be redeemed for cool stuff like discounts on fitness tech, merchandise, travel, concert tickets movie as well as free resort stays!

Offer it to Your Employees for Free, Today:  Zeamo knows that companies across the country have been impacted differently by the pandemic, but their commitment to providing employees with best in class benefits hasn’t changed. That’s why Zeamo’s Fitness Passport program can be offered to your employees at no cost, giving them access to a library of over one hundred on-demand workouts through Zeamo Live for free, featuring popular instructors and coaches from some of the biggest brands in fitness. Users can filter workouts by brand, instructor, class format, type, intensity level, and class length. If they want more variety, they can upgrade their membership on their own to a classic, paid version ($4.99/month) or to a premium version ($14.99/month). The beauty is, if you want to subsidize a portion of your employees membership, you have the option to do so, and they have the freedom of choice.

For more information, visit Zeamo.com or reach out to cguerra@mblbc.com to be connected with a Zeamo point person.

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