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Employers are constantly looking for ways to engage their employees, to attract and retain talent and to be a company where people love to work.  The “perks” space has grown exponentially over the past few years offering everything from local offers, to wellness discounts and philanthropic programs, to travel and everything in between.  Offering employee discounts through “perks platforms” can help to support employees financially while simultaneously supporting a better work-life balance, a big concern for many employees.

We’ve done some of the legwork to evaluate what “perks” companies are out there and what they’re offering.  Perks should create happier, more productive offices and the great part about perks platforms is that they’re accessible to remote employees who normally don’t reap the same benefits as onsite employees. Perks can help build work-life balance for employees who take advantage of such discounts, all while improving physical and mental health, fostering a better equipped, more rejuvenated workforce. Addressing the needs of a global, diverse working population is key to rolling out successful programs with your team.

1.ThrivePass A platform with TPA, wellbeing, learning & development and rewards capabilities. Set up “Wellness Savings Accounts” for employees to spend on wellness related purchases (think gyms, wearables & apps for financial, mental, emotional & healthy eating) and even create events, challenges and activities where employees can earn points that translate to dollars to spend, too. 

2. Perks @Work – Employee perks platform with diverse offerings from discounts to wellness products and services to learning, giving, electronics, travel, local offers, tickets and health. Employees earn points for their purchases that can be applied to future purchases for additional discounts or shared with coworkers to generate employee recognition.  As well as the ability for the employer to gift points to employees.

3. Perkspot – Employee discount program with rewards and recognition.  Employees have exclusive offers to gym memberships, movie tickets, mortgages and more while enabling the employer the ability to reward employees with gift cards.

4. Zestful – Customizable program giving employees physical and or virtual visa gift cards to use towards their perks platform. Some of their categories include entertainment (covering streaming services), charitable giving, clothing, education, events, fitness and travel, with the ability to customize which categories employees can or can’t access with their allowance, further supporting company values. Give rewards for birthdays or work anniversaries, or allow peers to gift one another as part of an employee recognition program. 

5. Policygenius – Centralized platform for supplemental insurance products for employees to purchase ranging from pet and renters insurance to life and disability, health, auto other products.

6. Blueboard – Employee rewards and recognition platform offering hundreds of experiences, including salon make-overs, staycations, cooking classes, white water rafting adventures and more.

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