Amplifying Your Corporate Culture Through Communication

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Creating a strong corporate culture has become a top initiative for many companies.  And often times, culture starts with communication.  From the very first day an employee starts their job and their onboarding experience, to employees getting to know their co-workers from across the company, delivering a strong internal message is critical for the success of employee engagement and your organization’s success.

Meet Supporting Cast, a SlateGroup technology service, that has built a platform to streamline the creation of internal podcasts.  They are on a mission to help you build a more engaging message for your employees through podcasts, a communication platform that speaks to your team.  Corporate culture is essentially your company’s brand and podcasts provide a secure and accessible way for you to enhance it while informing, educating and building morale for your employees.

Below are some important ways to use communication as a tool to amplify your culture and build your corporate voice:

  • New hire onboarding – Often times the way a new employee is onboarded is their first official communication from the company to help them become familiar with your company culture, norms and systems.
  • All-hands meetings – Whether weekly, monthly or less often, all-hands meetings provide a platform to catch up ALL employees on company progress and upcoming programs.
  • C-Suite messages – Connecting leadership with the overall organization conveys to everyone that they are part of the team and how their work fits into the broader company mission.
  • Skills training – As our previous posts have reflected learning and development is key to employee engagement and retention.  Communicating educational opportunities will not only empower employees but help them be better at their jobs.
  • Staff interviews – Whether your organization has a mentorship program, the “donut slackbot” to connect coworkers, or some other tool to build camaraderie, creating a path for employees to communicate with one another breaks down silos, fosters collaboration and lets colleagues know what other departments are working on. Interviews with key staff across the company will foster interdepartmental awareness and teamwork.
  • Employee sensitivity trainings – Informing employees of the company’s position on respect provides a safe space for them to consider peers’ perspectives and address concerns they may have in the workplace.

Most companies implement a multi-media internal communication strategy, be it a combination of email, social media (including slack), live meetings, webinars, interactive survey tools, learning management systems and more. Unfortunately many of the messages you attempt to send to your employees often go unheard, whether an email isn’t opened, a meeting is missed or an initiative is overlooked.

Podcasts present an enduring customizable platform that communicates with your staff in a place where they already spend time, podcast apps your employees are already using.  They streamline your communication by allowing you to personalize your message to select groups and measure engagement.

Supporting Cast is an employee communication podcast delivery platform that can help you launch or enhance your internal communication strategy:

  • Analytics – measure audience engagement, verify compliance and longer term evaluate impact on retention and employee satisfaction
  • Production support – creating a content strategy, sound message with cohesive technical support
  • Secure – admin tools, single sign-on integration, two factor authentication
  • Streamlined – designed to make it as simple as possible for employees to hear the message you want to communicate with them

Whether it be with Supporting Cast, or another service platform, podcasts are a modern and effective way to enhance your internal communications strategy.

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