6 Steps to End 2016 Strong

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Everyone seems to be caught off-guard that 2016 is ending in less than a week. More often than not, a year’s end is accompanied by a strong sense of accomplishment. This also brings an opportunity to evaluate and reflect upon what has gone well and what has gone wrong. Nothing ever goes as perfectly as planned, and its the obstacles that can people adjust and grow.

Here are some things to do to leave 2016 on a high note and get ready for a fresh start:

1. Improve your habits

Aside from your regular office routine, is there any habit worth reconsidering? It can be something as small as snacking on way too much junk food, or staying up late too often – try changing to help yourself keep up with a healthier lifestyle.

2. Set goals

First decide on what you hope to achieve, and then make plans to actively commit to it. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to attain your goal. It may also help to write your goal down so that it seems more tangible. Not only does setting a goal give you a long-term vision, but it also helps motivate you and keep you organized.

3. Clear up confusion

There is conflict in all relationships – what’s more important is to settle and resolve the disagreements. The thought may seem trivial at first glance, but do not let conflict linger for too long. Talk it out with your friend, spouse, or even your boss. Clearing up confusion is easier than you think, because chances are that the other person has wanted to do so as well.

4. Learn something new

Perhaps you can learn a new language or skill during your free time outside of work. Put in that extra effort to distinguish yourself from the others. This can also be advantageous for improving your productivity, too!

5. Remove annoyances

Take this as an opportunity for some end-of-year cleaning. Fix the hanging chads, or broken furniture, or unfinished work in your life. After all, a new year is upon you. Start out fresh and make sure to end 2016 on a high note!

6. Ask and speak up

Is there something that bothers you that you have been keeping to yourself? Promise yourself to figure out how to bring up such topics. Ask questions to get the answers you so rightfully deserve. Bottling up your emotions or thoughts can be a major source of stress and is extremely unhealthy for your mental wellbeing.

The Entire MBL Team Wishes You a Healthy & Happy New Year!!!

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