6 Awesome Apps for Wellness

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As health and wellness trends continue to rise, thousands of apps have been created to help people start and maintain healthy lifestyles.  Shifting the focus from diet and exercise, wellness apps now incorporate a wide variety of components.  This includes (but of course is not limited to) apple that help with sleep, improve mindfulness, provide access to Telehealth services, assist with chronic care management and provide guidance for financial management.

When we look at wellness we consider health, finance and lifestyle.  Utilization of health and wellness apps can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Food journal apps can promote healthy eating and weight loss, prescription notifications can remind a person when to take their medication, and budgeting apps can assist with finances.  For any and all aspects of health and wellness, there is an app available to help.

Below are 6 Awesome Wellness Apps (plus two bonus ones we love so much we provide to our employees, our clients and their teams.

The list could go on forever but we thought we’d provide some highlights:

1. Meditation Studio:  Meditation has been proven to help decrease stress and anxiety, increase quality of sleep, and aid in depression. This app offers a wide variety of meditation collections for beginners to experts. Its goal is to help people with many of life’s challenges, including pain, sleep, stress, and happiness.

2.  Edo:  Edo is an app that allows food shoppers to enter a food item into the database and the app rates the item based on its ingredients and nutritional value – with 0 being the least healthy and 10 being the healthiest.

3.  RiseToday:  RiseToday is an app that allows a person to find fitness classes and services locally to their area. Examples include yoga, HIIT, personal training, and crossfit.

4.  Ginger.io:   Ginger.io is an app that provides 24/7 emotional support from professional coaches, licensed therapists, and psychiatrists. Services can be utilized anytime from anywhere through your smartphone.

5.  Mint Budgeting App:  Mint is a budgeting app that connects to your personal bank account to create a customized budget. Alerts will be sent with any unusual charges and will inform you on your spending habits to help you identify what could trigger spending. Mint includes your credit score as well to help even more with budgeting and finances.

6. Headspace:  Headspace is a meditation app that “allows you to train your mind for a healthier and happier life.”



+ Healthiest You:  Healthiest You provides 24/7 access to doctors who can diagnose, treat and prescribe for common ailments such as upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, rashes, pink eye and UTIs.

+ Blink Health:  Blink Health provides prescription savings through pre-negotiated discounts with pharmacies. 

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